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8" x 10" Graphite or Colored Pencil Pet Portrait

8" x 10" Graphite or Colored Pencil Pet Portrait

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8" x 10" pet portrait created in graphite pencil on white paper or colored pencil on colored/black paper.

To order: Minimum of 5 close-up headshots for each pet emailed to: christinedionartist@gmail.com.  

Price is for a single pet.  

Payment plans are available:

UNFRAMED portrait is available for $490. First non-refundable installment payment of $245 is required to begin the portrait.  Last installment payment of $245 plus shipping is due upon completion of the portrait and before it is shipped.

Framing is available for the cost of the frame plus $20 for installation.  Christine uses American Frame Company out of Ohio.  The process for framing is as follows: the portrait is completed and the image is uploaded to American Frame. The client is given several options to choose from based on the decor of their home.  Prices for framing generally cost $100 - $250 based upon the frame the client chooses.

First installment payment is accepted here.  Second installment payment, including shipping and any framing charges, is accepted via PayPal or Venmo.  Contact Christine directly via email if you have questions.

Client is responsible for all shipping costs.

Artwork copyright owned by Christine Dion.